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Hidden Valley, March 11th, 2014


After a long go of not really needing updates, it's time to "watch this space," as the Britts would say. Hidden Valley has plenty of snow, and now the base is consolidating in the heat, cold, heat, cold. Skating is recommended. Birch Highlands will make you feel like a superstar! The speed is nice after all the slow we've had this year. We will try and keep the trail reports up to date, but remember to look at Facebook for current updates. Classic skiing should be for those of you braving klister. Tracks need to be reset once we get some fresh snow.


January 19th, 2014

Hidden Valley has received over six inches of snow in the past week or so. We've gone from firm and fast back to a little softer and slower. With some grooming done and more to do after yesterday, conditions should be fantastic, especially for classic skiing this week. Hannahs and Pine Park are beckoning to the skier who has a little more time to get out there.


January 12th, 2014

All of Hidden Valley was groomed after the little rain that we received on Sunday. Snow crystals have been rounded, and the addition of ice has made the skating really fast. Classic tracks are great but take a slightly stickier wax. The moon is bright right now making for great evening skiing.


January 5th, 2014

The six inches of new snow mean that everything is open at Hidden Valley...still. However, it will be soft even after some grooming. Birch Highlands and Voyageurs Highway and Hang On Tight along with the Bambas and Varsity Hill should be particularly good after Saturday's race. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

December 31st, 2013

Hidden Valley is looking great. The freezing drizzle that fell during the Holiday Games firmed things up. Everything has been groomed since, for both skate and classic. Skied Hannah's Trail today--very enjoyable in the late afternoon light.

December 20th, 2013

All Hidden Valley Trails are now open. Try Pine Park for a wild and rustic ski, or Hanna Jo trail for a swamp adventure, both are tracked for classic skiing only.  Our most popular trails; Birch Highlands, Sommers and Bambas loops are groomed for both skate and traditional in-track skiing.  Be adventurous and explore our inner trails; Deer Trail, Voyageur’s Highway, and Pine Valley, all offer variety and seclusion.  For a high speed, wind-in-your-hair ride try The Screamer or challenge yourself to the longest sustained uphill climb on Varsity Hill and a long downhill run back to the Chalet on J-Bar Hill.  Winter is here, enjoy it.

December 16th, 2013

Hidden Valley is in great shape. The three inches of fresh snow have slowed things down, especially the uphills. Predictions are if the snow warms, the skating and classic skiing will both have very good glide, especially once groomed.

December 13th, 2013

Hidden Valley has been skied quite a bit recently. The tracks have some glide to them, which is welcome. Both skating and classic should be equally nice. Hannah's trail appears to have been packed. Watch for some great moonlight skiing soon.

December 8th, 2013

All of the trails have been rolled, dragged, groomed and are in the process of being packed by lots of skiers. The skiing is great. The new trail improvements, meant to smooth out some of the transitions, are all the smoother now. Think mid-season skiing in December. There are classic tracks set. Check out the new trail section up the old road to the top of the J-bar hill. It's Hidden Valley's longest continuous uphill, and then the longest (soon to be fastest) downhill.

The only trails not groomed as of yet are Pine Park and Hannah's Trail. Both are being prepped for grooming.

Hidden Valley, December 20th, 2011

Hidden Valley Trails, Ely MN:  Trail conditions are surprisingly good for the meager snow which we received.  Most trails have been groomed.  The main outer loop trails (Sommers and Bambas) along with Pine Valley have the best coverage.  Some snow is predicted for the holiday weekend.

Recommend rock skis or even good skis that you care less about. Surprising how smooth the skiing is!

Hidden Valley, 1-19-2011

All trails - skate and classic - are in superb condition. I skied the Hannah Jo loop (from the Sommer's loop) tonight and even that was in fine shape, which means we have LOTS of snow. Remember, the chalet is available for members (and there are snacks and water available too - a Nordic Wolves fundraiser). Stay warm!

Hidden Valley including Pine Park, 12/16/10

The two main loops, Sommers and Bambas, are beautiful; fully groomed (including tracks for classical) and ready for "good skis".

The Pine Park loop (across the Kawishiwi trail) is in okay condition (classical only), I would still wear my "not-so-good skis".

The Ely Nordic Wolves are hosting a ski meet on Sat. Dec. 18th so some of the trails will be closed off. Check out this web site's new CALENDAR feature on the CHALET page for events at Hidden Valley throughout the winter.

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