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Partial Trail Closings

Heads up, summer trail users.  Both the upper and lower Screamer should be considered "Closed" until Memorial Day. We have spread grass seed to help prevent erosion and would like the seed to set down some good roots.  Thanks for your cooperation

Trail Report April 20, 2016

The ski season is over and the trails are open for summer useage, but care is required.  Many low lying trail sections are soft and muddy yet.  The frost is still coming out of the ground.  Snow drifts still exist.  This means that careless bike travel and even hikers can leave ruts and footprints that eventually dry in place and are hard to grade out.  So please stay on the high ground and help us keep the trail system pristine.  Thanks.

Well, This May Finally Be the End

There were still skiers on the trails at hidden Valley yesterday and this morning, but the forecast is for highs in the 60s and lows above freezing, so the last vestiges of snow on the trails is melting fast.  All grooming has been halted and there are many bare spots even where there still is some snow on certain trails.  Please do not come out expecting to be able to ski, you may be disappointed.  It has been a great ski season.  Thanks to all the volunteers who made it possible and thanks to all the wonderfull folks keeping this tradition alive and well.

Trail Report April 3, 2016

Friends:  The ski season at Hidden Valley may finally be over for the year.  The base of packed snow is now quite deteriorated with lots of bare ground.  Grooming has been suspended.  There is snow in the forecast and cool temps, so things could change.  Stay tuned.

Trail Report March 29, 2016

Friends:  High in the fifties forecast for today and rain for tomorrow.  Not good for the last die hard skiers of the season.  According to Wayne, "The end is near... unless we get more snow, which may happen later this week.  Currently things are getting a little boney. Tracks have burned through in many places and bare spots are becoming more abundant, but Hidden Valley still remains skiable."  So this may be it.  Come on out one last day.

Trail Report March 27, 2016

We received about 4 inches of fresh snow Friday night on top of our existing base.  Our main trails have been groomed for both skate and classic skiing and conditions are near ideal for this late in the season.  Come on out and enjoy the winter wonderland.

Trail Report March 18, 2016

Skiers:  Here is the latest update from Wayne Pasmick who has just finished grooming six inches of fresh new snow on the Hidden Valley trails.

"Let all who are interested know...
In response to fresh snow and winter-like temperatures, a limited number of Hidden Valley trails have been groomed.
Powerline and Bambas have a track set and have also been groomed for skating.  A short section of Somers (1km) has been groomed for skating.
Get out there and ski while you still can."

Trail Report March 9,2016

Due to warm weather and recent rains trail conditions at Hidden Valley are a little precarious. Grooming has been suspended on all Hidden Valley  trails. Skiing can continue as long as the skier does not create ruts. Rutted tracks which refreeze might not be re-groomable. Please refrain from walking on trails until all hope is lost. If freezing temperatures return along with fresh snow, grooming may be able to create skiable trails as long as the base has not been destroyed by walking or "slush skiing".

Trail Report February 21, 2016

The Hidden Valley trails have a good base of packed snow and survived the recent rains in good shape.  There has been a little fresh snow and the trails have all been regroomed for both skate and classic skiing.  The woods are beautiful, the temps are ideal;  come on out and enjoy the day.

Trail Report February 9, 2016

The trails at Hidden Valley have never been better.  We have a solid base of packed snow and have received six inches of fresh powder this week.  That is all well groomed for both skate and classic skiing.  Come on out and enjoy this northern treasure.  The ski teams will be away on Wednesday and Thursday for the Charlie Banks race and the State Meet, so Hidden Valley will be all yours.

Trail Report January 25, 2016

Trail conditions remain near ideal at Hidden Valley.  It is a little warm today, Monday the 25th, and there is a light mist in the air but the forecast is for cooler temps and some more snow.  If we have all been living right and this holds, the trails should be great for the pursuit races scheduled for this Friday.

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