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Trail Report February 21, 2017

All ski trails at Hidden Valley are closed for now due to warm weather and rain.  Trails will reopen when the temperatures drop.

Trail Report January 25, 2017

Here is a current description of trail conditions from our Chief Groomer, Wayne Pasmick.

Our base is holding up quite well.  We lost some base, but still have plenty to work with.  There are no bare spots or ice.  The tracks are not even glazed. The trails are firm, I loosened up a little of the top, so it is ski-able and controllable.  The skating deck is in very good shape and fast. The tracks are fair. I tried to re-cut some tracks but the snow is too transformed (called "corn snow") to form a good track. What I need is about an inch of fresh snow to mix in with the old snow, then I could form a track I could be proud of.

Trail Report January 24, 2017

After a week of very warm weather, rain, and lots of use, we still have a solid base of skiable snow on our trail system and the forecast is for cooler temperatures.  We have kept grooming to a bare minimum and classic tracks are not at their best, but conditions for skate skiing are still good and all we need now is a little fresh snow.  Come on out and ski so the Snow Gods know we care.

Trail Report January 9, 2017

Trails at Hidden Valley are in pristine condition, groomed for both skate and classic.  Fresh snow is in the forecast.  All Trails are open.  Here are a few pointers for skiers not familiar with the area. 

Ski Far, Ski Wide

You may now ski every trail at Hidden Valley. If you do choose to ski backwards on a trail, YOU yield to other skiers moving in the correct direction.

When skiing the Deer Trail, watch out on the big downhill as you come up again towards the junction with the circumnavigation of the swamp. Collisions could occur.

Pine Park is open! Take the connector from the Sommers Trail. You may also park on the Kawishiwi Trail and go directly to Pine Park.

Check out the new Hannah Jo Trail from the Bambas. Start on the Power Line and as you get close to the Voyageurs Highway, look left. Classic only.


Trail Conditions December 29, 2016

All open trails at Hidden Valley were groomed and tracked last night. Everything is in excellent shape except Hanna which is still a little uneven and boney, no tracks. The Pine Park access trail was also groomed. If we get another 6" I might be able to groom the Pine Park Loop.  Wayne


Trail Report December 13, 2016

We have a great base of fresh snow at Hidden Valley and all major trails are groomed for both skate and classic skiing.  We do have a ski tournament happening this Friday and many trails will be off limits to the public from sundown Thursday to about 4:00 P.M. on Friday.  There will be some trails open to recreational skiers, but it will be llimited.  Come on up anyway and enjoy the tournament.  Support our ski racers.

Trail Report December 8, 2106

Trails are looking good. Skating deck is wide, flat and firming up. Classic tracks have been set on all open trails. The only closed trails are Pine Park, Hanna and the swamp.  Up to the minute report from the groomers.

Trail Conditions December 7, 2016

Hidden Valley is receiving a nice coat of fresh snow on a firm, but shallow base.  This will be groomed late tomorrow or Friday so the trails should be in good shape for the weekend.  Come on down and enjoy our winter wonderland.

Trail Report December 5, 2016

Back in Business

A few of us were out there tonight in the fresh snow. Lovely to see the it dance in the lights.

The base is very firm. The new snow covering it will make for a great addition, especially once it's groomed in. 

There are a few lighter covered areas, and you might want to avoid the swamp for the time being. You can certainly have a top-notch ski on your rock skis, classic or skate.

Hidden Valley is open!

Hidden Valley Trails Are Closed For Now

We are asking that skiers stay off the trails at Hidden Valley for now.  Warm temps and rain are having their effect but we are also seeing the snow pack melt from the bottom up.  The ground is still warm.  The last heavy snow came down before the earth had a chance to freeze soldily so we are now at the mercy of the elements.  We cannot groom the remaining snow in these conditions.  We hope for cooler conditions later in the week.  Stay tuned.

Trail Report November 20, 2016

Great news.  We have over a foot of fresh snow on the ground and are well underway with grooming.  Most of our major tails are groomed for both skate and classic skiing.  Details to follow.

Bambas, Birch Highlands, Sommers  (including the swamp) , Deer Trail, Varsity Hill, J-bar, and Stadium Loop are ready to go, both skate and classic. Bring your good skis, rock skis won't be necessary this year. Trezona should be ready by noon tomorrow. The New Hanna and a few more should be ready tomorrow also. Pine Park possibly by next weekend.

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