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Trail Report February 9, 2016

The trails at Hidden Valley have never been better.  We have a solid base of packed snow and have received six inches of fresh powder this week.  That is all well groomed for both skate and classic skiing.  Come on out and enjoy this northern treasure.  The ski teams will be away on Wednesday and Thursday for the Charlie Banks race and the State Meet, so Hidden Valley will be all yours.

Trail Report January 25, 2016

Trail conditions remain near ideal at Hidden Valley.  It is a little warm today, Monday the 25th, and there is a light mist in the air but the forecast is for cooler temps and some more snow.  If we have all been living right and this holds, the trails should be great for the pursuit races scheduled for this Friday.

Trail Report January 11, 2016

Ski conditions at both Trezona and Hidden Valley are excellent.  We have nice solid tracks and a hard skating deck.  The weather is brisk and the trails should hold up well.  The pine trees still hold lots of snow and the trails are a winter wonderland.

Trail Report January 4, 2016

Overall, skiing is good. We have hard pack, no ice, good tracks in most places, and fairly flat skating lanes.
Although we have been skiing for weeks, we should not forget just how tenuous our trails are. The snow base is just 1 to 2 inches in many places. There are a number of thin area under the tall pines. Protruding sticks and grass are not uncommon.  We need 3-4 inches of fresh snow to fill in low spots. 

Trail Report 12/28/2015

Ski conditions are ideal.  We have a nice base of snow at Hidden Valley topped with two to three inches of fresh new powder.  The trails are groomed and tracked.  All our trails are open, the woods are a winter wonder land and the skiing is great.  Come on out and enjoy the season.

Trail Report 12/21/2105

Our trails are now all open, groomed, tracked and ready for holiday skiing.  The wwinter wonderland could not be more beautiful.  Please come out and enjoy the trails.

We have a good base of snow and will groom as needed, so this will be the last trail report for a while.  Assume that all trails are open and skiing is great.  If anything changes in trail conditions this site will be updated.  Next report in a week.

Trail Report 12/17/2015

Well we got another nice dusting of fresh snow overnight so the groomers are out early today and we expect to have fine skiing for both skate and classic skiiers.  The snow depth is still a little marginal in some areas for classic tracks but we are on our way.  The varsity and junior varsity ski teams are now training at hidden Valley and the first race is set for this Saturday.  Please do not walk or bike on any of the ski trails.  Thanks

Trail Report 12/16/2015 Wed Afternoon

Hoorah.  Snow.  And it looks good, perhaps around 3 inches but nice and heavy.  Not wet or slushy, just right for setting a ski base, IMO.  I have not talked with Wayne to get his analysis after grooming, but he and Paula have gone ahead and issued the go ahead to hold our scheduled ski race here on Saturday.  This snow fell on frozen ground and the temps only got up to about 33 degrees today, so I think most of this snow should last.  Temps are set to drop off toward normal, so that is good.

I did drop off some nice pickeled herring with Heikki Lunta and he is well aware how nice it would be to get another inch or so of fresh powder overnight on top of the new groomed trails.  Just sayin.

Trail Report 12/13/2015 Version 3

This snow fell at about 35 degrees with virtually no wind.  Why is this important?  Because trails at Hidden Valley are tree lined and we have many old growth White Pines over certain trail areas.  These sections probably had virtually no snow fall.  When the now is this wet and heavy, and under no wind, it falls vertically and does not get well distributed.  We'll see.

Trail Report 12/13/2015 Version 2

Just got done shoveling this stuff.  What started out as roughly two inches of snow is settled to about one inch of standing slush with a water content of about 75%  This is not skiing snow, it is old man shoveling heart attack snow.  Send flowers.

Now maybe our head groomer Mr Passmick can do miracles with the groomer but that would be surprising.  Stay tuned.

Trail Report 12/13/2015

So as I write this report Sunday evening it is still above freezing and we only received about half the snow most of us were hoping for, I'll say an inch or two at the most and less than that in some cases,; and it is wet snow that is settling fast.  It will freeze overnight and I doubt very much tomorrow will find it skiable.  I'll post again tomorrow.  Next chance for snow is Wednesday.  All hands on deck for mighty snow dancing.

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