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Trail Report November 9, 2017

All Ski trails at Hidden Valley are open but still thin and rocky in places; we are getting a little fresh snow tonight and things should be better soon.

Trail Report, November 2, 2017

We have had quite a bit of new snow and the groomers are working the trails but much work remains.  Trails are generally not considered open until we get a little more snow and finish grooming

Hidden Valley trails have been mowed for winter

All the trails at Hidden Valley have been mowed full width in preparation for winter.  this makes for great biking and hiking.  Yours to enjoy.

Trail Report April 8, 2017

The last of our snow base at Hidden Valley is now slush or bare ground, and all trails are closed to skiing.  Summer bikers and hikers should take care in soft and wet areas not to leave tire and boot prints that will be hard to get out later.  Enjoy the summer.

Trail Report March 27, 2017

The Last? The Best!

Hidden Valley received an inch of very wet, icy snow last week. It served us well. Skiing is overall better today than it was, amazingly. Although the trails haven't been groomed, the skating was fast and smooth!

Enjoy the warm temps, morning sunshine and wind in on your face as you fly.

Recommend skiing Birch Highlands to Sommers, although the Powerline might be fine as well. Voyageurs Highway looks good and is skiable down to the Bambas.

Best to avoid skiing in the heat of the day in order to preserve the trails. In other words, you'll cause deep ruts, hard to ski over in morning for those who do that sort of thing.

We may be the last skiing in the state. Certainly it's the best!

As a side note, the lake skiing is nice now as well. Get out for a long tour.  Per Tyler

Hidden Valley is still open. We are grooming Birch Highlands, Sommers, Powerline and Voyageurs Highway. Bambas is only skiable from Voyageurs Highway back to the chalet. This may be the last week of skiing for this season. It is all dependent on overnight low temperatures. As long as the trails can refreeze overnight then grooming will continue. Get out and ski while you still can.  Per Wayne

Trail Report March 18, 2017


In the last 24 hours a strong and wet three inches of snow fell around Ely, blanketing ancient snow in a soft, clean white.

Our faithful groomer hit it right away in the morning. The corduroy was so perfect it was mind-blowing! Dizzying!

Expect great conditions at Hidden Valley for the weeks ahead. The base is incredibly firm (right?!), and now there is fresh to cover the debris of early March winds.

Recommendation: ski now. Ski often.

Trail Report March 11, 2017

Back country trails at hidden Valley are still open but the Bowl has been closed due to icy conditions.  We need more snow.

Trail Report March 9, 2017

Blown Away!

Dear Winter,

Thank you for returning. I'm blown away.

A few inches of snow fell over the past few days. Problem is, we don't know how many. If the snow would've just fallen vertically, the skiing would be fantastic. Still, our groomer does his job and we are in business! 

Don't be fooled by the icy sights from the parking lot. Get on the Birch Highlands or the Sommers or even most of the back half of the Bambas, and you are skiing in mid-winter conditions. Avoid the bowl and the powerline.

See you out there!

Trail Report February 23, 2017

The Nordic ski trails at Hidden Valley have now been reopend.  Cool weather has returned and our base of snow has held up reasonably well.  The trails have been groomed, classic tracks set, and for the most part all trail are open.  Now we just need a little fresh snow.

Trail Report February 21, 2017

All ski trails at Hidden Valley are closed for now due to warm weather and rain.  Trails will reopen when the temperatures drop.

Trail Report January 25, 2017

Here is a current description of trail conditions from our Chief Groomer, Wayne Pasmick.

Our base is holding up quite well.  We lost some base, but still have plenty to work with.  There are no bare spots or ice.  The tracks are not even glazed. The trails are firm, I loosened up a little of the top, so it is ski-able and controllable.  The skating deck is in very good shape and fast. The tracks are fair. I tried to re-cut some tracks but the snow is too transformed (called "corn snow") to form a good track. What I need is about an inch of fresh snow to mix in with the old snow, then I could form a track I could be proud of.

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