Hidden Valley Chalet

About The Chalet

The Hidden Valley Chalet is maintained by the Ely Nordic Ski and Bike Club. In 2016 the chalet
underwent a major renovation which included a commercial kitchen, changing rooms, solar heat,
insulated windows and doors, upgraded lighting, new flooring, and wall coverings, and new tables and chairs. In 2020 a workout room equipped with ski ERGs and a waxing room was added. The chalet is available to club members via coded keyless entry. Most recently, a deck was added to the south exposure which provides additional meeting space and created a potential music stage. Our chalet is one of the finest venues on the Northeastern Minnesota ski circuit and a great place for special events year-round.

Chalet Rental Information

Day and Hourly Rates Available Rates are determined by the areas of the Chalet you would need available and whether you are a business, private individual, or nonprofit organization. The following areas of the Chalet are available for your gathering.

  • The Main floor ‘Great Room’
  • The Concession/Catering Area
  • Chalet and Grounds

The Hidden Valley Chalet allows you to serve but not sell alcohol at your event. Restrooms are located on the lower level. A refundable damage deposit is required in advance with the rental fee. Alcohol at your Event requires a higher damage deposit.

Rental Manager: chalet@elynordic.org

Rental Includes

  • Ten 5 ft. round tables and 80 chairs
  • Two 10 ft. rectangular tables

Rental Rates

Daily Rental

  • Exclusive use of Chalet per DAY $150
  • Nonprofit per DAY $100

Hourly Rental

  • Exclusive use of Chalet per HOUR $25
  • Nonprofit per HOUR $20

Use of Concession/Catering Area is an additional $50.


A refundable damage deposit is required in advance with the rental fee.

  • Without alcohol $100
  • With alcohol $500

Chalet Rental Rules

General Information

  • Maximum occupancy: Seating for 80
    • 80 - chairs
    • 2 - 8ft rectangular tables
    • 10 - 5ft round tables
  • Hours available for rental: 8 am to 1 am
  • No animals allowed in Chalet
  • LIFT tables, don’t drag on carpet
  • NO tacks or staples allowed. Use only blue painters ‘quick release’ tape for decorating.

After Event

  • Vacuum carpet, sweep floors
  • Shut and lock windows
  • Remove all garbage from the site
  • If using the concession area: leave it clean!
  • Comply with checklist by the exit
  • Reset thermostat to 50F
  • Lock the doors

Separate Rental Fee and Damage Deposit checks are due at the time of application. The damage deposit will be returned after inspection of premises following rental date.

Chalet Rental Calendar

The calendar below shows events already scheduled at the Chalet. Please contact chalet@elynordic.org to schedule an event. Members are always welcome to use the lower level of the chalet with their access code. Keep in mind that the main level may be reserved, so please respect users of that space.

Contact Us

  • 1258 Hidden Valley Rd
    Ely, MN 55731

  • PO Box 346
    Ely, MN 55731

  • info@elynordic.org

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